Special Issues Series
Number 39 April 2017

The Essay

Edited by Rachel Robertson and Kylie Cardell



Kylie Cardell and Rachel Robertson
Essay now: the contemporary essay in Australia and beyond

Sue Joseph
The essay as polemical performance: “salted genitalia” and the “gender card”

Daniel Juckes
Walking, talking, looking: the Calibre Essay and remembering persuasively in Australia

David Carlin
The essay in the Anthropocene: towards entangled nonfiction

Julienne van Loon
Embodied subjectivity and the project of the contemporary literary essay

Patrick Allington
Provocatively calm: on David Malouf as essayist

Ellena Savage
The emancipatory personal essay?

Paul Hetherington and Rachel Robertson
Both broken and joined: subjectivity and the lyric essay

Michelle Dicinoski
Wild associations: Rebecca Solnit, Maggie Nelson and the lyric essay

Francesca Rendle-Short
Essay (queer). The. Essay. Queer. And. All. That

Robin Hemley
The imagined parakeet: invention and fact irrelevance in the speculative essay

Sean Sturm
From Aristotle to crime scene: a forensics of the academic essay

Marie O’Rourke
Aqua profunda

Lucinda Strahan
Not a memoir: an essay

Threasa Meads
We might as well call it a boat

Peta Murray
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TEXT Special Issue No 39 The Essay
April 2017
Editors: Rachel Robertson and Kylie Cardell
TEXT Special Issues Editors: Dallas John Baker and Ross Watkins
General Editor: Nigel Krauth