Special Issue Website Series
Number 4 October 2005


Literature and Public Culture

Edited by Wenche Ommundsen and Maria Takolander

Deakin University


Wenche Ommundsen

Peter Craven
Critical Slag/Critical Slog

Sylvia Lawson
Critical Absences

Frank Moorhouse
The word processor and the shift in visual design of the short story

Caro Llewellyn
The Hunger for Ideas

Michael Meehan
The Word Made Flesh: Festival, Carnality and Literary Consumption

Frances Devlin-Glass
'Bloomsdaying': James Joyce in performance and the more-common-than-you-would-think Reader

David McCooey
Marginalia: The Public Life of Australian Poetry

Wenche Ommundsen
'If it's Tuesday, this must be Jane Austen': Literary tourism and the heritage industry

Robin Freeman
The Fiftieth Gate: An Australian case study in twentieth-century 'popular' publishing

Maria Takolander
The unhallowed art: Literature and literary fakes in Australia


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TEXT Special Issue
No 4 October 2005
Editors: Wenche Ommundsen and Maria Takolander
General Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb