Special Issues Series
Number 42 October 2017

Writing and Trauma

Edited by Bridget Haylock and Suzanne Hermanoczki



Bridget Haylock and Suzanne Hermanoczki
Writing trauma: Traumascopes

Indigenous and Australian Literature and Trauma

Meera Atkinson
Australia is a crime scene: Natalie Harkin’s intervention on national numbness and the national ideal

Kate Leah Rendell
Aboriginal testimony, trauma and fiction: transcribing massacre in Randolph Stow’s To the Islands


Donna Lee Brien
‘First the misery, then the trauma’: the Australian trauma memoir

Carolyn Rickett and Sue Joseph
Beyond this point here be dragons: consideration and caution for supervising HDR writing trauma projects

Penni Russon
Beyond Trigger Warnings: working towards a strengths-based, trauma-informed model of resilience in the university creative writing workshop

The Autobiographical Post-Traumatic Body, Performing Trauma and the Visual Affect

Angela J Williams
Autobiographical research in a post-traumatic body: a retrospective risk analysis

Elizabeth MacFarlane and Leonie Brialey
The Body is Just a Metaphor for the Soul: Performing trauma in the work of Leela Corman and Tom Hart

Michael Richardson
Resonances of the Negative: Traumatic Affect and Empty Spaces of Writing

Testimonial Literature, Post Memorial, and Second and Third Generation Trauma

Maria Tumarkin
The Alexeivich Method

Suzanne Hermanoczki
Remembering and Rewriting the Familial Traumascape in Alice Pung’s memoir Her Father’s Daughter

Antonia Strakosch
Into the unknown: Daniel Mendelsohn’s The Lost and the writing of third-generation Holocaust literature

Sarah Dowling
The human hole: Problematic representations of trauma in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Performing Trauma

Bridget Haylock
Emerging from Entrapment: Sue Woolfe’s modern Gothic Painted Woman

Danielle Schaub 
‘a separate world, a small and enclosed universe’: Phobic de/construction of space in Joan Barfoot’s Dancing in the Dark to circumscribe trauma


Laura Kenny
The 45th Parallel


Bridget Haylock
Writing Trauma and Testimony: literary critique and manifesto





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TEXT Special Issue No 42 Writing and Trauma
October 2017
Editors: Bridget Haylock and Suzanne Hermanoczki
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