Special Issues Series
Number 48 April 2018

Screenplays as Research Artefacts

Edited by Dallas John Baker and Craig Batty



Craig Batty and Dallas John Baker
The role of fiction in screenwriting (as) research

Craig Batty
A vacuous screenplay in search of rigour

Stayci Taylor
Sluglines as ghostly presence

Susan Cake
Inside the writer’s head: embodying reflection on creative writing processes

Phoebe Hart
Ordinary pain: pilot script

Dallas John Baker
Hallwalkers: queering gender and attraction through/in scriptwriting

Charles de Salis
Flying: an exploration of fidelity

Margaret McVeigh
Urban girl: writing the female gothic in the Australian landscape

Bryan Wade
Seven ways to fate and all

Scott Alderdice
Who killed Desdemona?

Debra Beattie
The art lovers

Donna Lee Brien
The anniversary: a screenplay based on an historical crime




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TEXT Special Issue No 48 Screenplays as Research Artefacts
April 2018
Editors: Dallas John Baker and Craig Batty
TEXT Special Issues Editor: Dallas John Baker
General Editor: Nigel Krauth