Special Issue Website Series
Number 5 April 2009

The Art of the Real

Proceedings of the Art of the Real: National Creative Non-fiction Conference, Newcastle University, May 2008.

Edited by Keri Glastonbury and Ros Smith


Keri Glastonbury and Ros Smith
Introduction: The Art of the Real

Linda Neil
Beautiful lies my father told me

David Carlin
'Do you mind if I invent you?' Ethical questions in the writing of creative non-fiction

Alexis Harley
What shall it profit if I write a spanking good story but lose my soul?

Danuta Raine
Essaying the Self: ethnicity, identity and the fictocritical essay

Astrid Lorange
The essay as

Maria Freij
The lingering fog of childhood

Jane Messer
Up the highway to campus Optus

Catherine Padmore
Writing 'Amye Duddley': seeking clues in books, bones and stones

Martin Edmond
Memory, voice, occasion


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TEXT Special Issue No 5 The Art of the Real
April 2009
Editors: Keri Glastonbury and Ros Smith
General Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb